We are a highly innovative South African Aerotech technology company, with industry-specific experience and expertise that provides specialised, re-usable and rapidly deployable software components and services to customers worldwide; while leveraging deep relationships with key industry partners.

Our Value Proposition

Innovation as a Service

Using our vast Airline, Property and related industry expertise, we provide innovative digital solutions that disrupt our clients\’ competitors, far quicker and at far less cost than our competitors

Industry expertise

We provide dependable, pragmatic & real industry expertise & advice to our clients by exporting aviation excellence globally

Unique, ready to go platform

Our micro-serviced Nacelle platform fast tracks enterprise-wide solution integration & implementation, & enables rapid digitalisation of client needs.

Market insight & data

Clients proactively receive actionable market insight & data

Reveal truth in data

Through close collaboration combined with our vast Airline, Property & related industry expertise, we enable our clients to reveal the truth in their data, to enhance rapid business decision making & cover new revenue opportunities

Industry expertise

We provide dependable, pragmatic & real industry expertise & advice to our clients

Our Core Competencies

  • Client Application Support Services
  • Client Engagement Management
  • Cloud Services
  • Contract & Vendor Management
  • Corporate & Legal services
  • Data Service provision
  • Industry generation
  • Lean & agile value delivery
  • Manage integrated, e-to-e value chain
  • Managed Services provision
  • New product development
  • Product Implementation
  • Product Management
  • Profit Centre Management
  • Project Engineering/Management & Requirements Engineering services
  • Shared Services
  • Software Engineering services
  • Solution Sales

Our Portfolio Disciplines Providing solutions to:

Booking Engines
Digital Payments

Cnr. Fortress Street & Whirlwind St,
Rhodesfield, Kempton Park,
South Africa

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